Registered Nurse Schools

Registered Nurse Schools

Choosing the best registered nurse schools is one of the most important decisions of your nursing career. It will affect both how much you make (both in the short and longer term) and the types of jobs that you can successfully be hired for.

There are many different things to take into consideration when looking at registered nursing schools. It is important to be totally certain that the registered nurse schools that you are looking at are accredited, as only accredited schools will allow you to take the certification tests needed to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist.Read more information about Nursing School Requirements

When you are ready to choose between the different certified registered nurse anesthetist schools, the first thing that you want to look at is if the school is accredited or not. All programs that you are looking at should be accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia or the COA. This is very important as if the registered nurse schools that you are interested in have not been accredited you will not be eligible to take the certification test once you have graduated. The importance of this test should not be underestimated, as the result of it will play a large part in the kinds of jobs and employers that will want to hire you further on down the line.

It is also vital when choosing certified registered nurse anesthetist schools that you conduct a pre-interview with all of the programs on your list of possible schools. You can schedule a pre-interview question and answer session with the program directions of the registered nurse schools. Many certified registered nurse anesthetist schools will require this interview session as a part of their entrance requirements.

During the interview session, you will want to do several things. First and foremost you want to ask about the requirements for entering the program. This includes any prerequisites such as previous degrees and experience that may be required. Most certified registered nurse anesthetist schools will require that you already have a degree in registered nursing and that you have already worked for at least 1-3 years in a critical care setting as a registered nurse.

Registered Nurse Schools

Each of the registered nurse schools will likely have different requirements and testing procedures that have to be done before entering the program, so it is very important to promptly ask about any test scores that may be required, such as the GRE test. Make sure that you ask about any important dates, such as program start dates and the date of the cut off for admissions to the certified registered nurse anesthetist schools.You can also search for Scholarship programs which can help.

Additionally, you want to ask the program directors of the registered nurse schools about the certification test passing rates and the graduation passing rates. This will give you an idea of the level of education that is being provided by each of the particular certified registered nurse anesthetist schools. It is important to remember that the national passing rate for the certification test is at 89 percent, so make sure you select registered nurse schools that are only in the 89 percent pass rate range or higher.

The graduation rate of each particular school will also tell you a couple of things about the programs you are looking into. It will tell you if other students were successful in completing the program, and if they were successful in learning everything that they needed to know in order to get them ready to take the certification test.

It is important that you select several certified registered nurse anesthetist schools to begin with. Selecting and applying to at least three registered nurse schools is advised, as you may not be chosen to enter your first or second choice school, thus this will ensure that you will still be selected by at least one of your choice schools, and you will avoid the waiting lists for others. If you are put onto a waiting list for one of the top certified registered nurse anesthetist schools in the country, you may still apply to other schools that you are interested in during your waiting period.

Once you have applied and been accepted at the registered nurse schools of your choice you will officially be ready to enter your graduate program. This is where the real work begins. Make sure you are ready to dedicate at least 2-3 years of additional schooling to complete your graduate program, as this is a fast-paced and vital part of your education. The certified registered nurse anesthetist schools will not only include normal course work in topics such as pharmacology, biology, chemistry, physiology and anesthesia, but they will also include at least a years worth of clinical course work.

Your clinical course work will involve rotations at working medical facilities and hospitals where you will receive hands on experience working with real patients. This will give you valuable experience working with other professionals in the field of anesthesia. You will have to make fast paced decisions and use your mental problem solving abilities. Many of these rotations will be done at teaching hospitals so you will have someone there to help you through the procedures and guidelines of administering the anesthesia and overseeing the patients.

Finally, you want to make sure that the school you select gets you ready to take the certification exam once you have graduated from the program. Taking the certification test is the last step in the process of your nursing education, which is why it is so important to ask about it during your interview. You will see if the college provides all of the courses and information that is needed in order for you to make a valid decision on which registered nurse schools to choose. The certification test has a national passing percentage of 89 percent, so make sure the school that you choose will support you in your attempt to pass this testing process.

One of the most important parts of your ongoing career will be the level of education that you receive at the start of it. This is why it is so important that you find a school that offers a high level of education, in addition to support for helping you in passing the certification test and finding a great job.

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